Terms of Hire

Terms of Hire

Admin Office: Praise House | 145-151 London Road | Croydon CR0 2RG | bookings@canterburyhallhire-croydon.co.uk | 02086495678

Venue Address: (Viewings by Appointment ONLY): Canterbury Recreation Centre | Canterbury Road | Croydon CR0 3HH | www.canterburyhallhire-croydon.uk

Hire Agreement and Charges

1)     Hirers and their participants must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their booked time.

2)     All activities must end at the agreed time and the Hirer must ensure that their guests vacate the premises promptly and quietly. Failure to adhere to this requirement will attract a surcharge for any time spent after the 10 minutes grace period given. An overstay charge of £75 for Canterbury Hall will be applied for any time spent on the premises after the grace period – up to a maximum of 50 minutes*. Thereafter, charges will be £80 per hour or part thereof.

3)     Unless otherwise stated, all quotes will be inclusive of required tables/chairs. Clients are required to set up the hall themselves and fold down tables used, stack chairs appropriately, dispose of refuse and clean the areas used by the end of their booked time. The venue is to be handed back the Duty Manager the way it was received – in good order.

4)     The number of people attending the event must not exceed the maximum capacity of the venue.

5)     If the Hirer requires the use of live or recorded music or amplification, it will be the Hirer’s responsibility to apply to the Performing Rights Society (PRS) which issues licences for live music played from sheet music and/or Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) which issues licences for playing recorded music in public.1

6)     Only changes requested in writing to the Admin Team, no less than 10 days before an event will be considered. Any changes applied will be at the discretion of the management team. Verbal requests cannot be guaranteed.

7)     It is expected that Hirers will be fully aware of the correct use of the hired facility and any equipment, and that they undertake to use them only for their intended purpose.

8)     Permission must be obtained beforehand for any electrical equipment the Hirer wishes to use on the premises and should have a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate, under Health & Safety Regulations.

9)     Any damage incurred to The Premises, property or equipment must be reported immediately to the Duty Manager – later discovery by the Duty Manager will incur a penalty charge.

10)  Hirers may not make any alterations to the venue nor use double stick tape, Blue Tack or nails to secure decorations. Regular cello-tape may be used. Undue damages will be charged to the hirer.

Payments: Hire cost breakdown will appear on your invoice.


      Hirers are responsible for their own decorations for which you may hire our décor supplies or buy our decorating service. Hirer is also responsible for their own catering and music.

      Music must cease 1hr before end of booked time. The music sound level should not cause a disturbance to the surrounding residential area.

      A refundable deposit of £80, or £160 for parties for the 16-21 age group, will apply to all bookings.

      Smoking is not allowed on the premises; this includes the toilets, reception area and the entrance to the Hall.

Payment Terms:

      At least 50% of venue fee is required to confirm a booking and final payment due at least 60 days before the event date.

      Bookings made less than 60 days prior to an event can only be confirmed with full payment of venue fee.

      Please supply us with bank details for a BACS transfer of your refundable deposit. Transfer will be made within 28 days of your event.

Cancellation Policy:

      Please note that all Venue Fees are non-refundable 60 days prior to an event.

      61 or more days prior to event  – 50% Refund of Venue Fee + Full Refundable Deposit

      The deposit and venue payments will be applied solely towards the cost of hiring the venue inclusive of chairs and tables if required. Other services or facilities required will be at additional cost.

Any further consideration for refunds will be at the discretion of the management

Client Obligations

1)    The Managers, Canterbury Road Partnership (CRP), expects a good standard of behaviour to be maintained whilst using the facilities - abusive behaviour to our staff will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of the hire agreement. Refunds will be at the discretion of the Canterbury Hall management team.

2)     Public Order. The Hirer should not permit anything to be said or done in/around the premises which would be a breach of public law or order or breach of the peace or which might injure the reputation of Canterbury Hall, or the immediate area.

The Client shall not do/permit anything to be done that would invoke the insurance policy of the Canterbury Road Partnership organisations. 

Termination & Indemnities

1)     The Canterbury Road Partnership shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property owned by or in the custody of the Hirer or its guests, employees, agents or others – including Parking. The Hirer is advised to arrange adequate public liability insurance cover and to carry a First Aid Kit with a First Aid certificate.

2)     The Canterbury Road Partnership will not be liable for failure to comply with any terms or conditions of this contract to the extent such compliance is prevented, hindered or delayed by any cause beyond its control including but not limited to fire, storm, explosion, flood, Act of God, action of any Government agency, shortage of materials or goods, community unrest, strike or lock-out.

3)     The Hirer is personally responsible for safeguarding the premises and its contents during the time booked and accepts responsibility for all expenses incurred by the Canterbury Road Partnership as a consequence of any damage.

Add-on Services

1)     Corporate Packages (Teas/Coffee Service, Projector & Screen, Venue Styling Packages as well as ‘For Hire’ supplies (Chair Covers, Tablecloths, Chair Sashes etc) for DIY Venue Styling, Catering & Buffet Service and Dinner Service Package (supply, lay & clear plates,cutlery, glasses etc). Please discuss all your needs with us, we would be happy to help.

*Terms Apply 1 ...any recorded music being played...when there is an audience entirely of friends and/or family (such as at a private family party) does not require a PPL licence.  We suggest you contact PPL licensing customer services team ppnb@ppluk.com or musiclicence@prsformusic.com  for advice from PRS

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